Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the cure minus the pain

just got home from my completion duty for my IV therapy. It's in martinez memorial hospital. this will be my home until friday, well just from 7am to 3 pm. today might not have been the most productive 8 hours of my day but i managed to get things done and add cases to my much needed to be completed list (finally!).

i arrived extra early today so as to avoid losing slots to give IV shots in the wards upstairs. i was at the assembly place by 6:30am. lounging there with nothing to do, i took out my mp5 player and took shots of the hospital just for kicks. i didn't wait long for my groupmates as they came one after the other. Ms. Imie, our preceptor led us to the wards andd we collected the medications due for the nest hour. then we went down to the pharmacy. i was not so used to their protocol of having to prepare medications at the pharmacy, far away from the wards where the patients would be waiting to receive their drugs. it was kind of funny, but i think i got good exercise today running up and down the stairs and flying from one ward to the other.

the pharmacy was our bestfriend today. we spent most of our time maneuvering syringes, vials and ampules to prepare concoctions of medication to be injected to our sick patients. i lost count how many drugs i have prepared. then we went to see the patients. MMH was just a small hospital yet it was filled with sick peole of all ages, sex and sizes. even if my interaction with the patients consist only of a curt "good morning" and "it's time for your meds", i tried to do my task with care. being shot directly to your veins is very painful especially with very striong and highly concentrated drugs. so taking utmost care is really called for. it reminded me of the reason on why i became a nurse. not because i love seeing people sick but because i believe that this is my calling - to minister to people and care for them when they are physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually broken.
but not all "ill" people are found in hospitals or in any health institutions. They're spiritually bankrupt. and this "illness" is worst than being physically defeated by any disease. many of them walk around the earth not recognizing that they are sick in some level of their human existence. Many people try to search for the thing that will complete their life- that object that would make them whole, but fail. for the primary reason that they don't know what they are looking for and where to look for it in the first place.
i had been one of those people. i was proud. i tried to fill the void in my life with academics, accomplishment, friends, relationships - things i could boast about and hope to make me feel better abnout myself yet in my head and heart there was still something missing. Until i found what i was looking for in Jesus. i was a christian when i was born, but it had been only in the recent years that i have really known what it meant to have HIM be Lord over my life. Now i feel i am never in want of anything because now i know that it is only in my savior that i am fully satisfied.
if our hearts our broken, if our bodies are weak...God is our only cure, His presence is our resting place. it wouldn't hurt any of us to try HIM for once in our lives because left to our own efforts we might end up wandering all over the universe yet find our existence devoid of any meaning, our efforts a waste, and our momentary happiness fleeting. and this cure, unlike being given an IV push, will never be painful. He is in the business of making people new and this is a guarantee.
try HIM and see for yourself. my life will boast of my SAVIOR's "therapeutic claims".

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