Thursday, November 20, 2008

it's a happy day

* a dose of daryl, karen and au at the MMH Emergency Room/OPD

It was raining earlier this morning. I had to come in much later that i would have wanted because i had no umbrella. still i arrived fairly early at our assembly place. I was still very sleepy and still feeling tired from the shenanigans i did yesterday. I tidied up kuya glenn's and ate niqz' kitchen after eating dinner and decided to go home since it was already late (for my mother, that is)I wasn't able to bid my mentors goodbye before leaving - they were very much asleep.^-^

although the weather did not ontribute anything to my efforts of trying to wake myself up, i still had to go. It was already 9AM and we still had nothing. NO case at all. so we decided to go to the canteen (Au, Karen and I). It was a much better use of our time rather than sitting in the ER and waiting for a miracle case to fall from the sky to our laps. Between waitinga dn eating - eating wins by a knock out.

for the last 4 days that we have been together, i had formed friendships and bonds with Au and Karen and felt like I've known them for a very long time. We share stories and experiences: from family, nursing, lovelife, music and many others. the quiet Emergency room would burst with chuckles and snickers when we are around. I feel very close with the two. I hope after our last day of completion tomorrow, they would still remember me. It has been fun.^-^

I don't know what pulled the three of us together. I didn't even imagine that we would be this similar since we had very different personalities. Yet in spite of this, we were still able to connect. maybe because at my very first day of duty i really made it a point that i would make friends with at least one of my groupmates. I believe that's the start of it. If you set in your mind to not judge every person you meet and to make it a point to get to know them first, have a genuine desire to reach out - then maybe this world would be filled with much love and less wars.

it isn't about different gender, ethnicity, the color of your skin, religion and beliefs. These should not be our stumbling block. instead of making it a cause of division and separitism, let it be celebrated and respected. Instead of starting wars and fights, it will spread peace and good will. if we decide to live in love for our neighbors, then i believe we have made most of every breath that the Almighty has blessed us with.

as the hippies say, "give peace a chance."

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