Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what the world will never take

last Saturday, I organized and hosted the 18th birthday of my disciple, Hanna. The birthday celebration was held at the church and hanna without any clue as to whether what will take place. it was meant to be a surprise. might i say, the preparations were quite reminiscent of those we did during meriam's debut celebration. we decorated and prepared the venue for the program that evening. we rummaged through our church's collection of draperies and curtains to serve as our decorations and accents on the floor. i even experimented with coke bottles, filled with water and flowers, to serve as candle holders to light the aisles. voila, the venue was transformed.

compared to the grand and expensive parties given to other 18 year old girls on their birthday, our celebration was simple and well, way less expensive. Hanna was wearing a simple dress and everybody was wearing jeans and shirts. we were all laughing because some of the guys who danced with her for her 18 roses were wearing shorts and flip-flops. we also had the ladies say wishes and give advices to her.

i was one of those who was running all over the place before, during and after the program. and yet i was still part of the program: i hosted and sang for a bit. I was even part of the wishes segment. I was giggling while ate richie and ate sheryl said their piece. they were saying, "nakakaiyak pala to?" i didn't quite understand what they meant until i was the one holding the mic and it was my turn to speak. it was an overwhelming feeling. even if i had only recently committed to take care of hanna and be her spiritual mentor, i really felt like she was my daughter and that she was growing up before my eyes. i couldn't help but cry.

i was so proud of her for heeding God's challenge and His call to disciple people. and I believe that many others will know Jesus as their LORD AND SAVIOR because of her. Hanna, as we always say: you are precious and you are loved. i've seen her transform into a lady who is eager to do everything to follow GOD, to do what is best for her family and to learn more and serve more. i hope many will be inspired by her transformation.

we ate heartily and shared laughs and stories till almost 11o'clock in the evening. looking back, it makes me smile to see everyone working together and very excited to share in and help with the preparations. jezza and amor (hanna's daughters) were the main planners for the event. rannie(my other disciple) and his 'sons' were one of the most utilized before and after the celebration.

Ate Bel and Kuya Mel were endlessly thanking me for my efforts. I thanked them in return for trusting me with their daughter and said i was just happy that we made it through. all the work and perspiration meant nothing for we are one big family. standing firm in one spirit, nga di ba?

and these are the moments in my life that i'm inspired to be a better person - to share and give the most that i can offer, to be able to connect to the people around me and reach out to those who are still without salvation...to be able to say with my life that GOD LOVES THEM. this is my passion. and the world can never take it away.

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