Monday, November 17, 2008

'tis the day

well today i've just formally entered a more impressive form of writing in the cyberworld - having my own blog page. i could've started writing yesterday, if it were not for the complicated riff-raffs of the internet. it was too much to comprehend by a novice like me. my head hurt when i got home.

so i have found another venue on which to expose the deepest, darkest ingklings i have on anything i can put my 5-minute attention span on. i may not be the wisest person on the thoughts might be just whirs of nonsense to fill space maybe for some but these are my thoughts - my ideas.

i wish to be heard. if all the time i spend thinking and typing would benefit just even one soul, my efforts would not have been in vain. i don't make sense all the time. i just want to voice out what i'm thinking, what Providence has done, is doing and will do in the future.

i seek to be understood. though it is a very unachievable task, i wish to make myself more open to people - even if it means being vulnerable to nasty criticisms at some point.

i may not write well all the time. my english fails me sometimes. yet i'll do my best to not make my blogs appear as ancient undecipherable hieroglyphics. my words may be crude at times - it may just be my simple nature seeping through.

i write to express and not impress. if anyone would find anything on my blog helpful, that would be great but i would live still if that doesn't happen.

so here goes. it's like starting a journey. i feel like a baby - just beginning to take my first steps. i hope you join me as i travel and be patient with me at times for i am not and will never be perfect. i hope you don't mind. and...enjoy!

p.s. my previous blog is on friendster: check it out.^-^

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Anonymous said...

Yey! I'm the first to comment here.

Kung may regular internet connection ka sa bahay kapatid, maadik ka sa pagbablog, hehehe. Try mo magbloghop, madaming masayang blog dito.

Bigyan kita ng mga links next time ha. Try visiting my site also. lol

Enjoy blogging my friend!