Friday, December 19, 2008

staying up all night

i love sleep. that's why it's such a shock for most people to know that i have entered the call center industry which everybody knows usually operates at night.

my body was not able to adjust to the new sleeping pattern immediately. i was oftentimes sleepy going to work because i couldn't get enough hours of deep sleep that i need. i would go home with a pounding headache or feeling as though i'm floating and my head was as heavy as a water melon.

it's my second week working and my body has already adapted to my new rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. thank God, otherwise i would be in need of a bucket of stimulants everyday so my brain would not go into zombie mode.

this is my first job. and besides wanting to help out with my family's finances, i'm motivated by my desire to earn and save up enough cash so i can get married in four years. see, if you have a goal in mind, then your actions would follow the right direction for you to achieve what you are striving for. if you know the purpose why you're doing this stuff, then you would be more focused and life would be much easier since it eliminates the need to do things you know would not help you in meeting your goal. the prize in the end keeps you going.

it would really be nice to get a good night sleep and dream about your love. but i'm thankful to have this work because i know this is God's way to get me from point A to B. sleeping is good, but hey, i still can dream about my life - awake.

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