Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WANTED: BF/GF part 1

even though my brain is on the verge of a stand still from info-overload, i still can squeeze in some time to blog.

i've often seen this "ad" on the textmates wanted portion of the newspapers or written on the back seat of buses. some would even go to extreme extents as to offer sexual favors to attract "responders". numerous internet services have been established to cater for people in search for their perfect mate.

people have heeded to the invitation without really knowing what it takes to be somebody's partner..what it means to be committed to someone or even what COMMITMENT means.

they hide behind the "feeling" they perceive as "love" or mere "attraction" as their basis for readiness to commit to somebody. for those people scratching their heads right now, confused and asking questions.let me tell you... if this is how you think, then i can be sure you're heading for a heartache right here and now.

so how can you esay you're ready?
find out on my next blog...

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