Friday, December 19, 2008

thanks kuya kevin

i have been really burdened for a few weeks now about a girl under my care who apparently had been having relationship problems. it's not the usual bf-gf problems i usually encounter and have alot of experience dealing with. this time it's different. a lot of complications have emerged which added the burden i have in my heart. i think of it even when i sleep.

thankfully, i kuya kevin was very helpful to give me advise on how to go about this matter. i posted a comment on his blog and he promptly replied.

Thank you for your work and ministry with youth!This young woman needs to be
confronted with the truth of Scripture. Yes, you must be as sensitive as
possible because she is young and confused. BUT, don't be afraid of offending
her. Think of it this way: Imagine I'm a doctor and I have a patient with
cancer. I would have to tell him the truth. It would be unethical not to tell
him.In the same way, we have to tell the truth to those who are spiritually
sick. In the case of same-sex attraction, we must let people know that God's
mind has not changed--He does not bless same-sex relationships. She needs to
know that she is damaging her relationship with God and creating damaging
strongholds in her life.
3:34 AM

even in the wee hours of the morning he replied. i thank God for you, kuya kevin. i wouldn't have known where to start. God bless you.

now i'm just praying "the sun would smile on us" on saturday.

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Kevin in Manila said...

I'm glad I was able to help. But my "wee hour" response was probably early afternoon here in the States :)